Subjective Stylometry – Different from Statistical Formula/Algorithmic Stylometry in Some Ways

While most in the field of Stylometry are using statistical analysis methods with sophisticated formulae, the purpose of Subjective Stylometry is ENHANCED by statistical tabulations based upon the subjective rhetorical and stylistic literary “ways with words” as noted by enlightened evaluators—expert and experienced in the content of the texts being analyzed and evaluated and compared.  This requires a keen awareness of and familiarity with the Genres and Sub-Genres being examined. Expert, subjective “tagging” of texts is put to statistical analysis AFTER initial observations and, quite likely, hints and hypotheses of avenues for useful investigation have been determined.



SUBJECTIVE STYLOMETRY is a website/blog devoted to the subjectively-driven analysis and investigation of auctorial/poetical style across all genres of literature.

Not abandoning or denying in any way the excellent work progressing in objective, statistical, mathematical, and algorithmical discoveries in stylometrics, Subjective Stylometry COMPLEMENTS these studies by figuring in some novel concepts and applications using the insights and varied expertise of literary and linguistic scholars in the intelligent and inspired “tagging” of texts for analysis.

Such analyses are dependent upon close readings, rhetorical insightfulness, awareness of intertextual relationships, familiarities with genres, and, in general, an eclectic array of talents and varied angles of critical approach brought by the scholar to the text.

Such investigations lend themselves to what we ought properly call “Computer Assisted Literary Criticism” (CALC for short) as a supplement to—but also making use of—the more automated and linguistically-dominated studies of traditional stylometric analysis.